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Over 100,000 brides to be have shopped for their Wedding at our events!

Thursday July 19th - 6pm

Lehigh Valley's
Summer American Bridal Show Event
at Stabler Arena


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Over 90 of Lehigh Valley's Favorite
Wedding Businesses Exhibiting

2015 summer bridal show had close to 700 brides register.

2016 summer bridal show had close to 665 brides register.

2017 summer bridal show we had 731 brides registered

Bridal Show Agreement

This contract is between and of
for exhibiting at the following bridal shows to promote only 

Business address

Email address     

Phone #              

Thursday July 19th (2018) - 6pm to 9pm - Stabler Arena - Lehigh University

Package A - Details - Price $545 per show
5 x 7 - no pipe and drape - 1 - 6ft table top display - table cloth  - no electric - lead list

Package B - Details - Price $645 per show
5 x 13 - no pipe and drape - up to 2 - 6 ft. tables with table cloth - electric - lead list
indicate how many tables 1   2

Package C - Details - Price $745 per show
8 x 14 - pipe and drape - up to 3 - 6ft tables with table cloth - electric - lead list
indicate how many tables.   1   2  3
Very Limited - Will Sell Out

Method of Payment:

Please make checks payable to: The American Bridal Show Co.
OR you may pay by Credit Card:

Mailing Address

American Bridal Show Company
2 14th St. #407
Hoboken, NJ 07030

(Check your card)

Visa Am Exp  Discover MasterCard

I prefer to send a check  - I will call with my credit card info

(Payment will not be charged until this agreement is received and reviewed and accepted by American Bride)

* Required: Cards Holders Name:

Card # : Exp. Date:

Total amount $   50% Deposit is Required


Date Signed                              

Reservations for exhibit space at a Bridal Show will be held only upon receipt of a non-refundable deposit.
Deposit may be waived for accounts with established credit.

For your further marketing use:

After each show, American Bridal Show Company provides a list of all brides-to-be attending and registering for the show. 
This list includes name, e-mail and street address, telephone and wedding date.  This is typically sent by e-mail within in a
few days of the show. These leads are not to be shared with any other wedding business other than yours for the purpose
of promoting your product or service.  Sharing of leads with result with a $50 fine per name times the amount of names on
lead list.  Lead lists are seeded for participating exhibitors protection.

Agreement Policy      


Space reservations will be held for 48 hours while the contract is reviewed.
Once the contract is accepted we will email back and give you a phone call.